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​Awareness Training

REBORN SAFETY LTD also provides in-house Asbestos Awareness Training.

Although many free online asbestos course providers are

available in market, we still believe that candidates would benefit from in-

house face to face proper classroom training rather than quickly flip

through online slides…

Benefits of Classroom Awareness Training:

  • Face-to- face Communication & Training

  • Dedicated CCP/CoC Asbestos Trainer on Site

  • Immediate Help and Support

  • Live Questions & Answers

  • Provide a Tailored Course to Meet Clients Requirements

  • Clients can Schedule Their Own Dates

  • To See Verities of Real Asbestos Examples / Pictures / Videos

  • ALL IN ALL, Multi Sensory Experience that Appeals to more of your

       Multiple Intelligences!!


Occupation groups deemed to be need Asbestos awareness training:

  • Electricians

  • Plumbers

  • Gas fitters

  • Painters and Decorators

  • Construction Workers

  • Heating Engineers

  • Ventilation Engineers

  • Roofers

  • Scaffolder

  • Cable Engineers

  • Architects

  • Building Surveyors

  • Teachers

  • Fireman

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